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About APCB
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  No.6 Lane84,Chun-Ying St.,
  Shu-Lin City, Taipei,
  23863, Taiwan
  No.1818 Jin-Sha-Jiang North
  Road, Economic Technical
  Development Zone,KunShan
  City,Jiang Su Province,
  215300, China
  Bangpa-in Industrial Estate,139/2
  Moo 2 Udomsorayuth Rd.,
  13160, Thailand
Company Introduction
       APCB INC. was established in August, 1981. It is a multi-layer PCB factory which is located in Taipei, Taiwan. The major PCB items are mostly produced for consumer electronic product application.

       With whole APCB team’s hard working efforts in many years, we successfully expanding capacity and improving quality no matter in developing new process technologies or investing in advanced production equipments. By doing so, we are able to extend our product line to various application, including electronic product, computer related accessory, communication product, etc.

       We APCB adhere to in good faith, innovation, respect, solidarity of the business and long term relationship with clients. Most importantly, we focus on customer oriented service, including fine quality product, just in time delivery, outstanding technology with lowest cost to meet customer’s needs. In future, APCB will continue to work on developing PCB technology in order to provide better quality products and services to customers. We will not fighting to be the number one but fighting to be the only one professional manufacturer and the best partner of customers.

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