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  No.6 Lane84,Chun-Ying St.,
  Shu-Lin City, Taipei,
  23863, Taiwan
  No.1818 Jin-Sha-Jiang North
  Road, Economic Technical
  Development Zone,KunShan
  City,Jiang Su Province,
  215300, China
  Bangpa-in Industrial Estate,139/2
  Moo 2 Udomsorayuth Rd.,
  13160, Thailand
Market positioning
    APCB has been committed to the development of a variety of 3C and automotive electronic products. We strategically segregate our target market and product market. Our main customers spread throughout in China, Taiwan, USA, Europe, Korea and other locations. In line with customers’ requirements in different areas, we specialize in running products with specialty, low volume, high part number counts, short lead time and we deploy various product strategies to satisfy customers’ needs.

    APCB (Kunshan) is located in the eastern part of China, in a city named Kunshan which is the major Taiwanese electronics makers gathering area. With so many suppliers and customers gathering in this area, we take great geographical advantage of material support and receiving orders. Furthermore, APCB (Kungshan) has received approval from the government to expand its capacity to 3.2 million square feet per month. Once this capacity is available, we will be very capable of satisfying the growing needs of customers and products.     APCB (Taiwan), APCB (Kungshan) and APCB (Thailand) share the core value of creating value for customers and adding customers to the companies. The vision of APCB group is to become the most flexible and the leading company in serving customers with the best variety of PCB products in the world market.

    APCB Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd is located in Thailand Ayutthaya, and it is a world-class, full service PCB manufacturer. It is certified and registered with ISO/TS16949 and ISO 14001 quality systems conformance and these systems have been rigidly maintained. The highly technical production facility at APCB plus sound system and capable employees will offer you complete assurance of quality production parts of every order you give us. We ensure our customers of consistent quality products, on-time delivery and at competitive price. Our experienced team of dedicated professionals, both in the technical aspects and management systems control of manufacturing, can ensure your full satisfaction to exact specifications and design intent.

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